Winter 2022 Newsletter

Frigid temperatures can’t stop us from saving lives! Since we formed in 2017, we’ve helped 2,000 cats get neutered. From mobile spay/neuter vans in parking lots, to private vets, to high volume clinics; through COVID; through leadership transitions; zoom meetings; and so much more, you have stayed by our side. We are eternally grateful for your support as we continue to work toward a future in which cats don’t need to be rescued.

Thanks to supporters like you, we met our goal of raising $12K in 12 Days for the second year in a row with our 12 Spays of Christmas campaign! This will help us continue our mission of Trap-Neuter-Return to prevent suffering of outdoor cats and kittens, but we can’t stop now. Every milestone we hit strengthens our resolve to keep going.

We’ve had some unexpected events recently, ranging from uplifting to devastating. Seeing our communities come together for Community Cats inspires us every day.

Cozy up with a cat on your lap and read along with us!


Will “Rue” Be Our Valentine?


Usually, when a trap door closes, there’s a rush of excitement and hope. But 2 weekends ago, when our trappers got close, they knew something was very wrong.

Rue was inside with a collar wrapped dangerously around her neck and shoulder. It was obvious it had been that way for quite some time. Her hair was patchy in spots and she had a deep wound. She was starving and had a strong odor – of infection.

CPAW volunteers worked together to get her to an emergency vet. She was sedated multiple times to clean the wound and apply stitches outside and inside her small body.

The fact that she had a collar on tells us that at some time in her distant past, a human cared for her. But for reasons unknown, that person stopped caring and Rue became a community cat. Despite everything, Rue is incredibly sweet.

We don’t know much about her past, but we do know this: her future will be one that she deserves. The bill for her initial visit came to $877. Can you help us cover Rue’s medical expenses, so that we can continue our mission of reducing suffering of outdoor cats?

If you donate, we’ll send you a card via email on Valentine’s Day. You’ll also have the option of letting us send a card to someone you love on your behalf!

Looking toward a Brighter Future with TrapKing, CARE and Nina Love
Pictured (from left to right): Michael Bricker of CARE and his partner; CPAW volunteer Kylie C; CPAW volunteer Chrissy M; Sterling “TrapKing” Davis; CPAW volunteer Jen C; and Nina Love.

We have the BEST team because we are on the SAME team as these wonderful humans! Some of our volunteers were able to meet Sterling “TrapKing” Davis, Michael Bricker of CARE & Nina Love for the most memorable and meaningful dinner date. We loved hearing about their experiences and challenges on the way to becoming the role models they are today. We look forward to putting their ideas into action right here in New Jersey.

Here’s what Sterling “TrapKing” Davis had to say:                                                                                                                        “I sat down and had dinner with the ladies @cpawnjpurr on ways to be more effective….I love sharing ideas and bringing folks together so y’all know we’ll be talking more! Let’s make some moves!! ” … “It’s about @carecenters CARE COMMUNITY COMPASSION! And we all #sameteam Until next time family!!!

Read more about our relationship with these leaders in animal welfare.

And be sure to follow them on instagram for more inspiring content:

Sterling “TrapKing” Davis: @the_original_trapking

CARE: @careforequity 

Nina Love: @theblackthornberry 

The Empty Trap

A handsome orange cat became a daily visitor, so one of our caregivers tried to trap him. Then, the cat stopped showing up and trapping was paused. He returned months later, emaciated and moving slow. We brought him to the clinic for assessment. His body was shutting down and the vets advised that humane euthanasia was the best option for him. Though we deal with many cats each week, each one matters. Volunteer Amanda wrote this as she reflected on this experience.

“The dreaded phone call. The decision to end the suffering.
Logically, it makes sense.
But it’s another thing entirely to pick up cats from surgery day and have an empty trap along for the ride.
To prepare one less meal than you did the night before.
To know that a cats in a colony will be missing their brother, their son, their friend.
And to know that a caregiver will see a flash in the corner of his eye and for a brief second think ‘Oh! There he is.’ But then they’ll remember.

He’s gone.

The empty trap signifies a great loss.
But it also signifies a promise.
We will keep going.
We will prevent more kittens from being born outside to suffer like he did.

Trap-Neuter-Return saves lives.”

Donate Now to Help us Help More Cats & Kittens


Spread the Word!

We Need Your Help!


If you have even a little bit of time, it could make a BIG difference for the cats in our community who need it most! Here are some of our biggest needs right now.

  • Trapping: With our new Sign Up Genius scheduling for trappers, it’s easier than ever to help out when you’re available, and pick a location that’s close to you. Apply to become a trapper now.
  • Transport: Our spay/neuter days are generally on Mondays. We also need occasional help on other weekdays and weekends. If you’d like to assist by giving a cat a ride, email
  • Fundraising: Lead an event, host a facebook fundraiser for CPAW NJ on your birthday, or run a food drive to help community cats.
  • Canvassing: Many of the requests we receive for help are by neighbors or people who see cats. If you’re willing to look for food bowls and talk to people, we could really use your help.
  • Recovery: Must have a temperature controlled space like a garage, and be able to feed cats and clean traps twice a day. If you don’t have the space but still want to feed cats and clean cages, we’ll train you for this hands-on role. All supplies provided.

To learn more about any of these roles, please respond to this email.

Nutley Library Jewelry Fundraiser

Our community always amazes us with their support. A GIANT Thank you to Jeanne  (@thepeacefulbead on instagram) who raised $420 for CPAW NJ through her handcrafted jewelry fundraiser at the Nutley Public Library! Thank you for spreading awareness and helping us with our mission. Brian and Amy B, proud Nutley residents and CPAW volunteers, accepted this most generous donation!

You can reach Jeanne for details about The Peaceful Bead fundraisers to benefit animals at

Honoring Betty White

When the world agrees that 99 years of you isn’t enough, you must be very special.

January 17, 2022 would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. Animal lovers took part in the Betty White Challenge to donate $5 to their favorite animal group in her honor.

The $800+ raised will go toward spay/neuter, medical care and food for community cats who need it. By supporting us, you’re working toward a future Betty would have been proud of – fewer kittens born outside to suffer and crowd shelters and rescues.

We tried a new fundraiser called a Giving Grid, which allowed donors to upload a photos and make a dedication. We encourage you to take a look at the sweet messages, like the one above from CPAW supporter Patricia.

Stay Warm out there, and Remember…

When stuffing a shelter, choose straw over hay or blankets for outdoor cats. Linens can retain moisture. Straw stays dry and softens over time to create a comfortable bed.

Do you need a lead on where you can get shelters? Email

If you can, give your community cats more food in the winter. They burn more calories keeping themselves warm!

Click here for some more cold weather tips from our friends at Alley Cat Allies.

Feeding a New Cat?

Act NOW to Prevent Kitten Deaths

We love kittens, but we don’t like finding them.

It means we were too late.

If you’re feeding cats or know someone who does, ask for help. With every rescue and shelter over capacity, there are more adoptable cats and kittens than there are homes. We serve Bloomfield, the Caldwells, Cedar Grove, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Nutley, Verona, and surrounding areas as much as we can. Visit our website and click the “Get Help Here” button.

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