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Who We Are

Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ (CPAW NJ) is dedicated to keeping cats out of shelters by controlling the outdoor cat population and preventing surrenders.

We are a team of area residents dedicated to promoting a humane approach to animal welfare and protecting the human/animal bond by being the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

CPAW NJ is a tax-exempt 501c3 public charity and contributions are tax exempt. Thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission.

Why form yet another animal welfare group?

Simply put, to reduce community cat population through trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR)!

We will

  • Build bridges and show compassion to people who just need a bit of help caring for outdoor cats.
  • Connect and collaborate with area groups and individuals to maximize limited resources and to lift each other up.
  • Support community cat caregivers with the necessary resources to care for their colonies and make sure they are fed, spay/neutered and vaccinated.
  • Celebrate our successes along the way…four paws at a time!

What is our vision?

  • We want to change the world so that animals don’t need to be “rescued.”
  • What’s so game changing about Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (TNVR)?

Because it is the only humane way to end pet overpopulation and promotes the welfare of animals and humans.

How are we going to accomplish our mission?

  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Celebration
Making more space for love in the world.

Towards all animals and humans, despite the circumstance.

  • Are you feeding a stray that you don’t know what to do with?  (Or even don’t want cats in your yard?)

We listen without judgment and try to help both you and the animal achieve the most humane solution.


We are stronger together by inviting all interested community members to participate.


Every small step and learning to see through the eyes of another, both human and pet, is something to be celebrated! That’s the way we lift each other up and keep rejuvenated for the hard work that needs to be done.


Michelle Brodbeck

Board Member, Interim President

Amy Rabinowitz

Board Member, Treasurer

Amanda Ondrof

Board Member, Secretary

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