Injured Cats

CPAW NJ prevents future generations from suffering by promoting trap-neuter-return. However, we do not trap on an emergency basis or cover medical costs for injured community cats. 

If you see an injured community cat, here are two options:

Call your local animal control or call your town’s non-emergency police hotline and ask to leave a message for animal control. Generally speaking, they may be able to lend you a trap and pick it up when you’ve trapped the cat to bring it to a vet for assessment.

If you live in Bloomfield or a town that contracts with Bloomfield’s Animal Control (Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Nutley, Caldwell) you’re in good hands. Call your town’s non emergency police hotline and prepare to get trapping.

Other towns may not have the resources to be so compassionate to community cats. If the quality of care given by your town’s animal control is not good or unknown, the second option will probably be safer for the cat.

Trap the cat and bring it to a vet at your expense. This is the only way you will have complete control over decisions regarding the cat’s medical care and outcome. The following offices are options for feral community cats: People for Animals (Hillside or Robbinsville), Oradell Animal Hospital, AERA in Fairfield, or Veterinary Emergency Group in Clifton. Contact them directly for availability and pricing.

Trap Lending & Medical Holds

We will be happy to lend you a trap and give you an in-person tutorial on how to use it. Please email to borrow a trap for an injured community cat.

If you are caring for an injured community cat and need a place for short term medical hold (no longer than 1 week), email for availability.