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Join our tribe of Solution Advocates!

Join our Tribe.  Volunteer!

Do you love animals? Would you like to volunteer locally but feel you do not have enough time?  Want to be part of the solution! to shelter overcrowding and euthanasia?

CPAW NJ is the perfect local animal charity for you! Help from home, from work or school, you set your own goals and schedules. If you do not have enough time for meetings and events you can support virtually! If you have some availability to attend bimonthly meetings, become a hands-on volunteer. Lastly, if you have a lot of time available consider joining our volunteer support team and bring the whole family!

What is CPAW NJ? 

It is a 501c3 Animal Welfare Organization serving Essex County and other areas in North Jersey.  Our mission is to help outdoor cats through the proven practice of trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR), which saves lives and reduces shelter intake.  We are a dedicated team of animal lovers that decided to volunteer our time to prevent unnecessary deaths of outdoor cats and to reduce the outdoor cat population.

Here’s how you can help…


Do you have a passion to not only help cats, but empower community members to help them as well? Be a CPAW AdvoCat! As an AdvoCat, you will help respond to incoming inquiries and identify outreach events. You will be fully trained on the TNVR movement and CPAW’s impact on local community cats. You will then be able to educate on the benefits of not only community cats, but how TNVR can help their furry friends. You also get to call yourself an AdvoCat. How cool is that?

Time Commitment: 4 hours/event

Cat Taxi Driver

What’s worse than it raining cats and dogs? Hailing a taxi! Volunteer by being a Cat Taxi Driver so our furry friends don’t have to worry about hailing one. As a Cat Taxi Driver, you will transport cats to/from vet appointments, to/from trap or release location, spay/neuter clinics, and more. If you have a car, we have a cat! Beep beep!

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/week or per month. Even one trip a month helps!

Social Media Purrsons

Are you active onFacebook or Instagram?  You do? Great! This position may be purrfect! As a social media purrson, you will help CPAW save many more lives by using different platforms to push our mission. We need your social media savvy skills to help maximize content and connect with others in the online community online. You will also have opportunities to be a purrtographer and help take pictures at events and during fieldwork.

Time Commitment: Flexible – What do you have to give?

Food Finder

We all love food, right? Pretty sure our furry friends would agree. Our food finders help CPAW locate local feeders, host a food drive, and collect and transport food. If it has to do with food, it has to do with you. Yummm!

Time Commitment: Flexible – What do you have to give? And this could be more fun with friends.

Trap King/Trap Queen (Train to be a trapper)

Interested in hands on field work? Anyone who has patience and is willing to learn the basics can successfully trap a cat. As a trapper, you will have an opportunity to not only be trained on trapping but will also go on a trapping excursion to see CPAW’s dedicated trappers in action. When you trap a cat, you feel an immense sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

Time Commitment: Initial training 2 hours; then depends on trapping assignment. Once a month would be greatly appreciated.

Part-time Paws

So much time and so little paws!!! HELP! Part-time paws play an important role in helping with administrative tasks. Whether it’s writing “Thank You” letters to our donors or responding to phone calls, or email inquiries, we need all paws on deck! Any hours, any day, if you have time to volunteer for this position, we need you!

Time Commitment: 1+ hours/week, depending on availability and assignment

Join CPAW NJ Collaborative Effort

CPAW NJ’s mission is helping people helping cats. Rather than building a building or managing our own operations, we hope to connect people already caring for community cats and leading the TNVR efforts so that we can learn together and support each other with ideas, help, and resources.

If you are an individual or a group doing TNVR and/or feeding cats and would like to be part of a collaborative, solution-oriented group, please contact us.

CPAW NJ is a 501 (C)3 charity. All donations are tax deductible.

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