Trap Neuter Return


CPAW NJ is a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the process of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of Community Cats. We serve Bloomfield, the Caldwells, Cedar Grove, Glen Ridge, Livingston, Montclair, Nutley, Verona and surrounding areas in and around Essex County, New Jersey as resources are available.

We are not an animal rescue organization. This means:

We do not have a shelter or a foster network.
We do not do adoptions.
We do not relocate or advocate for relocating unsocialized cats.
We do not send volunteers to trap lost pets, but we can lend you a trap and teach you how to use it so that you may do it yourself.
We do not respond to emergency requests for help with injured cats. If your request is regarding an injured cat or suspected animal abuse, please call your town’s non-Emergency police hotline and ask to be directed to Animal Control.
We may not be able to assist with finding shelter or rescue placement for socialized cats and kittens. We suggest you search rescues in your area on your own so that we can focus on what we believe saves the most cats, which is TNR.
If we trap adoptable kittens and are able to find placement, we require your cooperation in trapping adult cats on the property. It’s the only way we can prevent more kittens from being born outside.

Introduction to Community Cat Caregivers

Communities Promoting Animal Welfare New Jersey (CPAW NJ) promotes TNR through trapping, education and financial assistance for TNR to caretakers in northern New Jersey.

Due to limited volunteer availability, we can usually get started sooner when a caregiver is able to help with trapping and transporting trapped cats to our recovery locations. Training will be provided if you are willing to learn.

Our appointments for spay/neuter are on Mondays. Our volunteers trap on weekends only. Our trapping schedule is often set weeks in advance, though we prioritize locations with pregnant cats and kittens.

When cats are trapped, they are delivered by the caregiver or a volunteer to a CPAW NJ recovery location, a volunteer’s home. On the morning of surgery, a transport volunteer brings the cat to one of the spay/neuter clinics that we use. A professional veterinary staff performs surgery in their facility. Another transport volunteer brings the cat back to the recovery location, where it is monitored until release day.

  • Males/Lactating Females – 24 hours
  • Females – 48 hours
  • Pregnant Females – 72 hours

*These holding periods are subject to our discretion and may vary.
*Our clinics practice spay/abort on pregnant cats. This means that if we bring a cat to the clinic and she is pregnant, the pregnancy will be terminated.


• We do not trap at locations we don’t have permission to visit.
• We do not send volunteers to trap cats who are not on a regular feeding schedule. Cats must come every day at the same time in order to be eligible for trapping help.
• Tipping the trapper for travel expenses is appreciated.

Other things CPAW NJ may be able to do:

  • Provide training on aspects of TNR, including responsible colony care.
  • Lend traps to individuals to conduct TNR on their own.
  • Provide hands-on assistance.
  • Provide financial assistance.
  • Advise caregivers about talking points with neighbors to resolve disputes regarding community cats.
  • Advise caregivers to follow colony care guidelines, like the ones developed by Animal Protection League of NJ:

If this sounds like what you need, click on that big “Get Help Here” button and get started today.

We ask caregivers to share the costs of TNR by donating what you can afford. In most cases the spay/neuter of a community cat costs us a minimum of $80, which includes vaccinations. There are additional charges for medical costs for sick or injured cats.

Donations can be made:

  • Online: Donate Now
  • On paypal by sending it to
  • Via check payable to CPAW NJ. Note in the memo line that it is for TNR, and mail the check to CPAW NJ, 63 Greenbrook Drive, Bloomfield NJ 07003

CPAW NJ is a non-profit 501(C) 3 charitable animal welfare group registered with the IRS and the State of New Jersey. Donations to CPAW NJ are tax deductible. CPAW NJ serves the northern NJ area with the purpose of educating and guiding our community in the humane treatment of animals. Through education we hope to raise awareness and save lives. Visit us at and on Facebook and Instagram.

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