Social Media Roundup Week of May 14

Here’s the latest news from CPAW NJ!

Future trapper Olivia says if you find kittens, tell CPAW so we can spay the mom and stop more kittens from being born outside!
Good job, Olivia. Gotta start em young! Knowledge is power 💪😻

Furriends, we need you! To gain local support for trap-neuter-return, we’re holding a free virtual screening party of the documentary The Cat Rescuers on Wednesday, May 26 at 7 pm! Here’s how you can help:
• Share this post to get the word out
• Mark yourself as “interested” on this Facebook event so that it will show up on your friends’ Facebook timelines. Here’s the link:
• And of course, join us at the screening from the comforts of your home to get up close and purrsonal with these spectacular stories!

Nellie from the Caldwells knows better than to ever let an injury get you down! This fabulous and feisty green eyed gal recently had a hurt paw and graced her humans with her presence in their house for some R&R. Although she prefers to be outside, she knew that she needed the rest and is now back on her feet in the great outdoors. She loves taking selfies with her human dad – and with an ear tip like that, who can blame her?
To learn more about helping cats in your community, visit our website at

Gotta trap ’em all! Join CARE and Sterling the TrapKing for Care Dare: TNR Community Cat Challenge this Thursday, May 20 through Saturday, May 22 as Sterling sets a record for the most cats trapped in 24 hours by a single person. The goal of the event is not only to set a record, but to also help spay and neuter as many community cats during kitten season as possible and educate people on the benefits of TNR. The event will be filmed, so tune in and donate to the cause at the link below!

We often hear this: “That cat was too clean to be a feral cat. They must belong to someone.”
But feral cats, who were born and lived their whole lives outside, know how to keep themselves looking their best.
Stray cats usually used to live indoors where a human would care for them, and are more likely to appear dirty or disheveled.
Keep it up, parking lot cat! You’re looking good! 😻