Social Media Roundup Week of March 25, 2021

Here’s the latest news from CPAW NJ!

This Thursday, we’re purring for CPAW NJ volunteer and community cat caregiver Stefanie. Stefanie recently raised $900 for CPAW through her Facebook birthday fundraiser, enough to cover 16 spay/neuter surgeries! Thank you Stefanie and happy birthday! Learn more about Stefanie and her kitty crew at the links below:
If you or someone you know is a Community Cat Caregiver in New Jersey and would like to be featured on our site, please email
You may remember former Community Cat of the Week Aubrey. In this photo, she was about 16 weeks old – still a baby, yet able to have babies herself! Kittens can be neutered at 8 weeks or 2 pounds. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

If you need help with outdoor cats or kittens, or if you know someone who does, go to and click the “Get Help Here” button, or email us at

Have you ever found kittens outside and not known what to do? Check out the flowchart below which will help you make the best decisions for their care. Remember, if you find kittens, the best place for them to be is with mom.

Shoutout to Alley Cat Allies for this helpful infographic!


This week’s Community Cat of the Week is Mom Cat from Livingston! While Mom Cat used to be uncomfortable with humans and would hiss at her caregiver, she’s slowly getting friendlier while still retaining her motherly instincts. Like all great moms, she goes everywhere with her babies, shows them shelter and food sources, and lets them eat dinner first! Mom Cat has now been spayed, so this is her last litter of kittens and she’s enjoying every meow-nite.

Many thanks to Mom Cat’s caregiver Jessie for the submission, and stay tuned for a “Real Caregivers of New Jersey” all about Jessie and Mom – there will be lots of kitten pictures!


The trapper was working on a colony at an abandoned house this weekend. The 10th and final cat from the colony was about to be delivered to our recovery location when she delivered……4 kittens! The trapper found rescue placement for mom and kittens with Sammyvale Animal Sanctuary! We are so happy for this bunch, but this experience reminds us that kittens are born outside every day. If you see outdoor cats, please visit our website and click the “Get Help Here” button.

Home street home! Releasing is the best part of TNR. Moments later, this happy guy was eating happily and asking his caregiver for belly rubs. It’s such a joy to see cats back in their natural element. Neutered and vaccinated, TNR’d cats live out their lives happily… and with no kittens!





Sarah from Glen Ridge is helping our community by doing a food drive! All food purchased from our Amazon wish list through April 11 will go to local food banks. By providing pet food for families in need, we keep cats off the streets. If you’d like to drop off or ship other items, message us for the address!
Thank you Sarah 💙🧡💚
Here’s the link to our wishlist: