Social Media Roundup Week of May 7

Here’s the latest news from CPAW NJ!

Yesterday our ameowzing trapper Jen released a cat, and this grandma cat came out and gave her a disapproving look as if to say, “Where did you take my child?” Know someone who is feeding outdoor cats? Reach out today. (Don’t worry, grandma is tipped already.)







Remember Domino? This older man was trapped along with 12 others outside a pizza restaurant. He stayed with us for an extended time for a bad upper respiratory infection and starred in our super bowl pick video. (Second photo is a flashback). His caregiver gave us this update. Domino is enjoying the sunshine and freedom. We love you, buddy!





Starting the week off right. After a busy and productive weekend, 9 cats are off to get neutered today!










Bradley is racking up those Meow-iott points with an extended stay at our recovery home. This older traveler is enjoying the room service and always prefers shreds to pate, unless it’s a fancy feast special. Since he’s very suspicious of hotel staff, we don’t expect a tip at the end of his visit – but don’t you worry… We already gave him one Bradley has a very deep wound, but with some extra time he’ll be good as new and ready to roam, with less fighting and spraying in his life post-neuter.


It’s kitten season and chances are you’ve probably come across kittens at some point. Check out Alley Cat Allies’ helpful guide to figuring out how old these babies are and the best way to care for them at any age at the link below:


Is FIV or FELV more common in outdoor cats?

Nope! Outdoor cats are about as likely to be FIV or FELV positive as pet cats.

Spaying and neutering helps to reduce the primary modes of transmission (like fighting), so infected cats pose less risk to other cats. This is yet another way that Trap-Neuter-Return saves lives!

Learn more about TNR and how to help cats in your community at



#WhiskerWednesday because spay & neuter is cuter.