Social Media Roundup Week of June 1

Here’s the latest news from CPAW NJ!

Meet the Fabric kittens: Taffeta, Denim, Corduroy, Poplin & Cluny! Trapping coordinator Jen put every Fiber of her being into catching this crew. She was on Pins and Needles when a mom cat and her litter of 5 were sighted up and down a busy Montclair street. Jen coached the neighbors and got mom cat on a feeding schedule so that she would be easier to trap. On this Thursday Purrsday, we say thanks Sew much to Jen for her hard work and to Lucky Lives Cat Rescue for taking in the fabric kittens! If you think you have the purrfect home, visit LLCR’s page to fill out their adoption application.
With shelters and rescues inundated with kittens this season like never before, this crew is lucky indeed. Their mom has been TNR’d, so no more litters will be born outside. That’s Compassion with a Purrpose.
Tuesdays are for the tabbies! Thanks to some dedicated trappers, 10 cats are off to People For Animals to get neutered today.

Come one, come all to the next Neighborhood Cats TNR Certification Workshop which will be held on Saturday, June 5 from 2:00 – 4:30 pm ET. For only $10, expert instructors will teach you the best practices for trapping and colony management, what TNR is and why it works, getting along with neighbors, and so much more! Register at the link below.

We all know the benefits that TNR has on managing the population of feral cats – but what are other health benefits of TNR?
By stabilizing the community cat population, cats will naturally have more space, shelter, and food – and fewer risks of disease. Spayed female cats are less likely to develop breast cancer and won’t be at risk for ovarian or uterine cancer, while neutered males will not get testicular cancer. Spaying female cats means they don’t go into heat, and neutering males reduces their risk of injury and infection since intact males have a natural instinct to fight with other cats! Additionally, cats living in colonies tend to gain weight and live healthier lives after being spayed or neutered.
To learn more about TNR and how to help cats in your community, visit our website at

On behalf of CPAW NJ, a huge Purrsday THANK YOU to The Cat Rescuers team as well as everyone who tuned in for our viewing party last night!
Thank you to Rob Fruchtman and Steven Lawrence, Director/Producers for The Cat Rescuers, for allowing us to show the film as a part of our 4th anniversary celebration. Sassee, we missed you on Zoom, but we hope to see you soon!

CPAW NJ is honored to present an exclusive virtual showing of the documentary film The Cat Rescuers to our supporters as part of our 4th Anniversary “Spay it 4ward” Celebration
TONIGHT at 7 pm!
But that’s not all!
At 8:30 pm, we’ll have an exclusive Q&A session with filmmakers Rob Fruchtman and Steven Lawrence, as well as a star of the film… Latonya “Sassee” Walker!
Message us for the link to join and get your popcorn ready 🍿😻