Real Caregivers of New Jersey: Jennifer from North Caldwell

Jennifer from North Caldwell


How did you get started being a colony caregiver?

In May 2015, a tabby cat started coming around.  I started feeding him, and, of course, more cats started arriving.  There were three males and one female.  I named her Abigail.  She got pregnant and had a few litters before I contacted CPAW NJ for help.  By this time, Abigail and Burt, a Tuxedo cat, were the proud parents of Ernie, Jack and Gretl.  The other male cats decided to move on.

How many cats do you take care of?  How many have been TNR’d?

I currently take care of four cats.  Three male, one female.  Abigail, mentioned above, moved on about 1.5 years ago, and Jack stropped coming around about 5 months ago.  We have a newcomer, Alfred, who started showing up around 2 years ago.  He’s a bully, and the other cats do not like him.  He doesn’t care, though!  All the cats have been TNVR’d with the exception of Burt.  I trapped him but he got out of the trap.  Abigail and Jack had been TNVR’d as well, so I’ve had a total of 5 cats TNVR’d.  I trapped 15 lb. Alfred!

What are the best and worst parts of taking care of your crew?

The best part is feeding them in the morning.  Ernie is very friendly and will come running into the house when I open the door.  He enjoys being petted.  We built housing for them, by our side door and out on our deck, so the three males spend most of their time sleeping on our deck.  The worst part is winter.  I feel sorry for them although we have built them nice places to keep warm.

How do your neighbors feel about the cats?

I don’t face opposition from the neighbors.  I have been candid with them about the fact that we feed and care for outside cats and made a point to tell them that the cats are TNR’d.

How did you hear about CPAW?

I saw an ad for their spay/neuter clinic on my Facebook newsfeed.  I was so happy to find CPAW because I wanted to get the cats TNVR’d and my vet wouldn’t do it without them being actual pets.  I’ve helped other people trap cats and bring them to the clinic in Montclair.

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