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Real Caregivers of New Jersey: Giavonni From Jersey City


Giavonni from Jersey City


How did you get started being a colony caregiver?

I was always an animal lover in general but my interest in cats has definitely grown since I moved to an area with lots of stray/feral cats. I moved to Jersey City in 2017 and while walking to and from my car I would notice the same few cats roaming around. I bought cat treats one day and slowly over time I started feeding, building winter shelters, and eventually TNR.

How many cats do you take care of? How many have been TNR’d?

Between the 2 colonies, there’s around 22 in total. 19 are TNR’D. I’ve probably trapped around 10-15 of them.x

What are the best and worst parts of taking care of your crew?

The best part is being able to help make their lives easier. I also enjoy doing it. The only negative part I can think of is that it’s a lot of work that never ends and the constant worry about their well-being.


How do your neighbors feel about the cats?

I’ve only had a few problems with neighbors. I try to always keep the peace (as hard as that is) and figure out how to resolve whatever problem it is they’re having with me or the cats. I try to always keep the area where they eat clean, even if that means cleaning up after other feeders. Also, I try my best to not be seen. I want the least amount of attention on the cats as possible. I do most of my work early in the morning or late at night.

How did you hear about CPAW?

A volunteer from CPAW left a note on the fence where I feed the cats saying that she wanted to help. Since then CPAW has helped me with TNR, finding fosters for kittens, and making connections with other organizations.



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