October 2020 Newsletter: A Month to Meow About

We’re launching a new volunteer initiative: Operation Paws on the Ground!

COVID-19 has caused many animal welfare organizations to shift from shelter or site based, to virtual or home based. Luckily, that’s already how we operate! The community in which we serve is our office. So let’s get to work and save some lives!

Email amycpawnj@gmail.com to learn how you can get involved from home or safely in your town! We have several volunteer opportunities available, including: transport, recovery, flyer hanger, content creator and more!

Volunteering can be as little or as much time as you have — and we hope you find something that inspires you during these difficult times to make a difference right from your home in our own community.  We provide all supplies, advance training, and answer your questions all along the way.

Join Our Team

Compassion for Community Cats Bill Passes Unanimously Through NJ Senate Committee Vote

The S1034 “Compassion for Community Cats” bill was passed unanimously October 19 by the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

There are still several steps before the bill reaches Governor Murphy’s desk. We are grateful to our followers who told their senators about their support for the bill in the days leading up to the hearing. We’ll continue to keep you up to date on the bill as it proceeds through the legislative process.

A special thank you is in order for CPAW NJ’s own Michelle Brodbeck, PFA’s Jane Guillaume, and Brian Hackett (HSUS-NJ State Director) for speaking in favor of the bill. Here’s some of what Michelle had to say before the committee:

“In 2019, 7,255 cats were euthanized in New Jersey shelters accounting for more than 80% of all animals euthanized, making them the most at risk population. The traditional ‘catch and kill’ method that has been used for so long is costly, inhumane, and has not reduced the outdoor cat population. Municipalities and individuals need a source of funding to encourage TNVR, and there exist current revenue streams that can be accessed without ANY new monies being collected — it’s revenue neutral.”

Read the rest of Michelle’s testimony here.

Meet Bootsie.

A volunteer was walking in her neighborhood and noticed a colony of cats outside a house. She left a CPAW NJ brochure with her phone number on the doorstep and waited to hear back. The resident called back and said all of her outdoor cats are TNR’d… except for one.

In April, Bootsie showed up meowing and hungry. He had a collar but no microchip. She had no luck finding his family, so he joined hers. She was thrilled to hear about CPAW NJ, and we got Bootsie on the schedule for neuter surgery. This sweet, vocal boy stole our hearts.

Due to the timing of his appearance, we’re guessing that Bootsie was likely abandoned by his prior family. Maybe they could no longer afford to feed him because they lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Last month, we launched a fundraiser to pass on well wishes to CPAW NJ President Karen Shinevar as she moved to Michigan. We raised $480 to donate to local food pantries for pet food. That’s enough to keep the shelves stocked for almost an entire month! We are so grateful as we imagine full bellies in warm homes. But the good work must continue.

COVID-19 has brought on an unprecedented economic crisis, and our neighbors are suffering. Pets are being surrendered to local shelters or abandoned in hopes that they’ll survive on the streets somehow. There are already so many cats suffering outdoors. Please help us keep pets with their families where they belong.

Give now.

We’ve got our eyes on 2021.

Do you have a friend who is a fundraising mastermind?

Know someone who works for a company that would be willing to sponsor a match donation fundraiser?

We want 2021 to be our best year yet: more cats neutered, more community resources, more town teams, more education. But to do that, we need YOU!

Our goal is to Trap-Neuter-Return 50 cats per month! But we need your help. If you can drive a few cats from our recovery houses to and from the clinic, we’d be furrever grateful.

Every cat you drive saves hundreds of lives! Email amycpawnj@gmail.com to learn more.


You’ve seen great photos like these in our newsletters and on social media. We wanted to give a special thanks to Montclair-based photographer Beth Chucker, who donated her time to do some magical work for CPAW NJ. You can view her work and contact her on Facebook and Instagram.

We had a lot of fun joining the Wolfkeeper on his show as part of Cat-Tober. Toriano Sanzone is a world renowned dog trainer. Special guest Sterling “Trap King” Davis was also on the show! You can listen here.


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Females: 24

Males: 21

Companion Cats: 3

1,440 Since April 1, 2017


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