No Kitten November: November 2020 Newsletter

Operation: Paws On the Ground Marches On

As we aim to spay and neuter as many cats as possible – so that no kittens are born outside – we asked ourselves: How can we spread the word about community cats to the “hoomans” in their neighborhood? That’s how Operation Paws on the Ground was born!  We know that if people see an outdoor cat, they will more likely than not FEED IT.  But they may not know how else to help it…or where to turn to even ask for help.

That’s where YOU come in.  Use your “paws” on the ground right where you live and help spread the word, in any way you can.

  • Hang a flyer in a store you visit
  • Watch social media for folks who need help with cats and direct them our way
  • Turn your wheels into a cat taxi cab once a month — it’s only about two hours and that one act helps SAVE LIVES!
  • Got a warm place to house a few cats once a month for three days!  This is one of the most important ways you can raise a paw — right in your own backyard.
  • Contact your local officials and make sure they support outdoor cats….we can help with the messaging!
  • Attend a training to learn more about outdoor cats so you can be better informed and at the ready when the situation arises.  And bring a friend….
  • Donate $5, $10 or whatever you can to help us keep doing our work.

NEXT VOLUNTEER ZOOM CALL:  November 18 7-8 pm

Join the call

Email if you have questions about how to volunteer!

CPAW NJ Collaborates to Keep Families Together

While temperatures are dropping, the number of cats on the streets is rising – and so are the coronavirus numbers. It’s no secret among animal rescuers that there are more friendlies outside than ever before. People are being forced to abandon their pets because they no longer can afford to care for them. We’d like to continue stocking the shelves at Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair and Park Place Methodist Church in Bloomfield. We buy our food from local partner Brookdale Pet Center. It costs us about $500 a month, but it’s essential to keepings pets in their homes! Check out this video to learn more about this mission.

Help keep cats off the streets by donating today.

Stefanie is the latest

“Real Caregiver of New Jersey”

If you haven’t read our series about Community Cat Caregivers, you’re missing out!

“It’s easy to think they all need to be ‘saved’ but they don’t. They are happy and content with their lives outside.”

Find out how Stefanie learned that the hard way by clicking here. She even got an instagram shout out from Sassee, star of the film The Cat Rescuers.

Speaking of which, do you have a CPAW NJ story to tell? If you were on our last Zoom call, you’ll remember that we’re working with animal PR specialist Mary Tan of Whisker Media. Tell us your CPAW stories! We’re often so busy saving lives that we forget to share the good mews. You can help us celebrate our community in action. Give us an update on your colony or tell us your Real Caregiver story by emailing

Halloween “Trapapalooza” A Success Thanks to One AMEOWZING Volunteer


Photo courtesy of Beth Chucker Photo.

As part of our efforts to save as many lives as possible before winter comes, we capped off October with a 20-cat Meowloween weekend! Our all star volunteer Trapping Coordinator, Jen, worked 8 locations. We cannot begin to express our appreciation for her leadership, compassion and patience every weekend. If you have the pleasure of working with Jen, please giver her a socially-distanced air high five from all of us. She truly makes CPAW NJ G-O.

She trapped 7 black cats on the day of Halloween alone! How spooky is that? While most were nervous around humans, two made biscuits all weekend.. and headed off to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter!

TNVR Saves Lives.. And You Can Spread the Word

Life-Saving Power Couple Dan and Caitlin of Bloomfield.

Everyone knows about TNVR and outdoor cats, right?


We need you to help us spread the word!

Here’s a few things you can share as you talk with neighbors…

Outdoor cats who have been fixed and vaccinated stop yowling, fighting, spraying….in addition to stopping reproducing and stabilizing colony growth.

Outdoor cats not socialized to people are just as afraid of you as you are of them — they are not aggressive to people but they do keep the rodent population down!

More and more cats are being abandoned during COVID — and especially the ones who came from inside do need your help.  See if your local food pantry will take pet food to help people keep their pets.

Female kittens can become pregnant at SIXTEEN WEEKS!  

Kitten season is all year round–it’s just that in the winter more kittens don’t survive but it’s not as evident. 

Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return SAVES LIVES, reduces shelter intake, and helps community cats become better neighbors.  




Community Cats: 41

Female: 13

Male: 28

Companion Cats: 2

1,481 Since April 1, 2017

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