More Good Mews: Corrado’s Pet Markets and CPAW NJ Pawtner up for cats and their people!

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More Good Mews: Corrado’s Pet Markets and CPAW NJ Pawtner up for Cats and their People!




Just as the pantries (and volunteer garages) were getting empty, CPAW NJ pawtnered with Corrado’s Pet Markets to purchase MORE cat food for food pantries and colony caregivers. In total, for about $1,800 we received 1,728 cans of wet food and 1,225 lbs of dry cat food. That means 6,630 meals!

Three short years ago, we started Communities Promoting Animal Welfare to help reduce shelter intake and suffering through trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR) for outdoor cats. We also supported a surrender prevention food initiative by making sure there was pet food to distribute at the Montclair Human Needs Food Pantry.

Little did we know that in April of 2020 getting pet food to people to help them keep their pets would become the community’s most urgent need. When low cost spay/neuter services stopped, we immediately increased the call for food donations and looked for more places to meet people where they are in the community.

Previously we have received grants and donations from Chewy, People for Animals, and Alley Cat Allies. And of course YOU, our very generous community, which has donated money and food for us to rebag/donate.

The response has been overwhelming, but the need is even greater and will continue for the foreseeable future. We hope this purchase with Corrado’s Pet Markets will keep the local pantries full for perhaps another month. But together we hope we can continue this effort to help people keep their pets and help area cat colony caregivers continue feeding their beloved outdoor cats.

If you want to help us keep families together with their pets, you can:

● Email us at to drop off in-kind donations with us.
● Donate to purchase pet food at

Meowy thanks for our community’s continued generosity and especially Corrado’s Pet Markets for their generosity and delivery of food. Pet food is a basic necessity and so is helping folks feed their pets, whether they be indoor or outdoors!

And don’t forget….if you know of outdoor cats who are not eartipped, contact us so we can try and help them get fixed. Now that is more important than ever. An easy to complete form for help is on our website at

CPAW NJ provides communities with solutions to reduce cat overpopulation and suffering. We envision a world in which cats receive adequate care in their familiar places and the human-animal bond is preserved. Our efforts at trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR) and educating the community about how to care for outdoor cats reduces shelter intake and saves lives. We are an all volunteer nonprofit organized under IRC Section 501c3. We execute our mission through collaboration with community partners and raising awareness through education and training. As of March 2020, we had spayed/neutered 1315 cats. If you are feeding a stray and need help, fill out our form at or email us at Follow us on FB or Instagram!

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