CPAW NJ’s 12 Spays of Christmas: Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank You For Being A Friend

For many years, a woman fed the cats in her neighborhood. She diligently provided food, shelter, and got newcomers spayed and neutered. But when she began to struggle with health problems, she and her friend Sandra contacted CPAW NJ for help.

CPAW Trapping Coordinator Jen met Sandra at the caregiver’s house, and together they trapped 7 cats.

Sandra took videos of everything and was an excellent pupil. When it was time to trap again, she drove from her home in central Morris County, all the way to her friend’s home at the far side of Essex County. She trapped 2 more on her own.

The final count was 9 cats trapped: 7 females and 2 males. This colony was about to explode. Now that they are all neutered, they’ll be happier and healthier. No more mouths for the caregiver to feed.

We don’t pick favorites… who are we kidding, yes we do. Our favorite cat from this colony was Big Man. He got his nickname because the very busy spay/neuter clinic wrote a note that said BIG MAN! He looks like a tough customer but he was actually very sweet. We love you, Big Man & friends!

The cats are always special, but this experience reminded us that humans can be extraordinary too. Thank you, Sandra, for being such a loving friend.

The population of outdoor cats can get out of control really quickly. In just a few months, the number of cats can double or even triple. If you or someone you know is feeding outdoor cats, don’t delay. Fill out our form and ask for help today. 

This post is made in loving memory of actress and animal lover Betty White. Please consider giving a gift to your favorite animal charity, CPAW NJ, in her honor! Donate now.