CPAW NJ’s 12 Spays of Christmas: Bradley


Sometimes the new kid on the block takes over.

A doting family was taking care of a colony in their yard, and they had a newcomer. He made it very clear that he was in charge, scaring the other cats away and spraying to mark his territory.

CPAW NJ super volunteer Kylie set out to trap him and was distressed to see a giant wound on his backside. The tough guy wasn’t looking his best. While he was under anesthesia for his neuter surgery, the veterinarians shaved him, cleaned the wound and gave him antibiotics. The wound was so deep that the vets advised CPAW NJ to hold Bradley indoors as long as he would tolerate it.

Recovery volunteer Amanda hosted Bradley for a couple of weeks, giving him tasty food and cozy blankets. He was very unhappy in his large holding cage. But he never swatted and cooperated during his cage cleanings and feedings. He learned that she wasn’t there to hurt him, but he couldn’t resist a daily hiss to express his discomfort.

As the days went by, Bradley seemed more like the dominant cat we had heard about. He was more lively (read: angry) and his appetite increased. As his personality grew, his wound shrunk drastically! Bradley couldn’t wait to go home. When Kylie released him, he happily trotted to his favorite hideout. Though male cats can’t give birth (of course), their lives are immensely improved after neutering. Testosterone levels drop, making them less inclined to fight. Other nuisance behaviors like spraying also decrease!

We hope that after surgery, Bradley is less likely to get into trouble. And the best part? The colony won’t grow because Brad won’t be a Dad.

Please donate $12 today so that we can continue neutering cats like Bradley and help prevent kittens from being born outside.