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We’re saving lives AND spreading the word…thousands of cats in our area need help!  Meowy thanks to the caring humans who are helping.  

As a hard, cold winter approaches,  mama cats (including 16-week old teenage moms) have more babies outside every day.  Most of these kittens will not survive.

Can you tell a friend, neighbor or coworker about us?  Get Help Here   Because now, more than ever is the time to double down on our TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return) efforts.  We can do this!


MEET OREO….a cat with another Cinderella story…..

We don’t usually do adoptions, but we took in a very friendly cat of loving caretaker Carolyn Burge’s off the streets of Montclair as she was in a very dangerous location. She’s sweet with humans and fully vetted. Do you have room in your heart and your home for this lovely lady?
Contact us at to meet Oreo.

See how folks are taking action.  Got a couple of hours to spare?  

• Spreading the word: If you see a neighbor caring for outdoor cats let them know they can contact us for help!

MEOWY THANKS to those of you who have been doing JUST THAT!

• Feed outdoor cats in your area and ask us for help if they need to be fixed. Or just donate some food!  You can donate to the Montclair Human Needs Food Pantry, or put food in one of our CPAW NJ bins around town.  Provide Meals for Cats

We also have an Amazon Wish List. Any food purchased from this list will be sent directly to us.

• Feed a colony: If you follow us, you know we mourn the death of a longtime Montclair caregiver, Carolyn Burge. Since her death, we have recruited some new feeders and are still looking for more help with her three colonies in Montclair. It can be a family activity (see Voice of a Volunteer interview below). Take a day and see how you come to love these outdoor beauties.

• Learn to trap: Anyone can trap! So many caregivers, animal lovers, and everyday folks are learning to be part of the trapping process – and, ultimately – helping trap the cats! It’s such a wonderful feeling. We caught, vaccinated and adopted one kitten from this colony, but couldn’t get our paws on Mama and her remaining 2 kittens. A clever volunteer propped up a box so that the cats would get used to feeding under an object. This made it much easier when it came time to set up a drop trap! We caught all 3 cats at once. They are now fixed and vaccinated and will soon be returned to their loving caregiver.

• Transport cats for medical care: The NEED for help with this part of the work cannot be understated. It is such a big part of what we do. Do you have just two hours a month to take a cat taxi shift? Times most needed are Monday and Wed. 8-10 am, 4-6 pm, between Montclair and Hillside.

• Knock on doors in your neighborhood: Now when we help someone, we ask them to spread the word. There are many areas where we’ve helped one location but know there must be more nearby. Just a few minutes knocking on doors can help locate more cats in the area….cats don’t know property lines!

• Clean and disinfect: Successful trapping means dirty linens and dirty traps! Typically, we trap in the early morning or late evening, which means long hours away from home. Can you make a trip to the laundromat once a month for the cats we care for? If you could help clean and count our trap inventory, we could spend more time trapping! Traps need to be cleaned after each use. If you have a hose, you can do this! These tasks can be done on your schedule.

• Donate – hold a food drive – save styrofoam coolers to help us make shelters – offer your heated garage as a recovery location – build a shelter!

There are so many ways to help! Like us on Facebook and send us a message with questions – or you can always email us at

Or click HERE to fill out our volunteer application.


CPAW NJ Report Card as of September 30, 2019

Spayed/neutered (companion): 11

Spayed/neutered (feral): 33

Since April 1, 2017

1,135 spay/neuter


Voice of a Volunteer: Daryn’s story of how she found a way to help and involve her whole family!

I have always had a great love of all animals. From the time I was 17 I found myself engaged in regular animal-related volunteer opportunities. From bottle-feeding orphaned baby raccoons at PAWS, (then Montclair’s local animal shelter), to rescuing numerous stray and injured cats, dogs, and yes tortoises while living abroad in Athens, Greece, I have never been one to look the other way.

I have always been hyper-aware of injustice and suffering. When I stumble upon another living thing in need, I have and always will step up and do what I can to help.

As a busy mother of two young children, it’s often challenging to find the time to wash my hair let alone squeeze in volunteer work!

When I first learned of the passing of a dedicated CPAW volunteer who had single-handedly cared for three different feral cat colonies, I figured this might be a way I could feel close to animals and give back on a part-time basis. For the last few months, I have taken on 2 feedings a week. It is far from glamorous but it has helped me to re-connect with a part of myself that I had been missing for over a decade.

When the cats see me coming and poke their little heads out from under whatever random shrub they had been hiding under, hungry and ready for their dinner I know that what I am doing is meaningful. When I plan and coordinate with the other CPAW volunteers, I am reminded that what I am doing is community building. When I put my four-year-old daughter to work scooping dry food for Boots, Simba and Cross-eyed Babs I know that what I am doing is about the future. I so appreciate CPAW for all they do. For those of you out there looking for a way to get involved even on a very limited basis, there are a million different ways to help.

We are so grateful for Daryn’s big heart and willingness to extend herself for others!

Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ means just what it says…

 Every single cat we help is because multiple folks came together to do their part.

Loud PURRS to Katz & Dogs for a very successful adoption day and fundraiser to support 4 local animal welfare organizations, including CPAW NJ! Their staff, clients and local businesses went all out this year and raised enough to give each group $701.75.  

In loving memory of longtime Montclair caregiver Carolyn Burdge, we will dedicate these funds to buying food for her colonies, and to building outdoor shelters for the cold winter ahead.

And a SPECIAL MEOWY THANKS to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter, which is referring folks who need help to us! If someone finds kittens, we can now find out where – and get the mom spayed! We are proud to pawtner with them and the residents of Bloomfield to save more lives! In fact, we fixed EIGHTEEN cats in Bloomfield in October alone.


Bloomfield Spay Van

November 25  Details coming soon!

Montclair Spay Van REGISTER HERE for your cat to be spayed/neutered at a low cost by our Partner People for Animals

November 26, 7 am – 3 pm
Acme Markets Parking Lot
510 Valley Road, Montclair

Holiday Handmade Gifts Fundraiser 

December 7, 10 am – 7 pm

Vintage Lane

470 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell

New volunteer (and new trapper of Tiny!) is hosting our handmade and CPAW NJ gifts just in time for the holidays:

Come and visit us and find everything cat. Special treats, hot drinks, and people on hand to give advice for help with outdoor cats.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO HELP THIS DAY — We have bags and T-shirts (now in tie-dye!) on our website but also look at these handmade goodies:


Rescue kitty Salem found her furrrever home!

Salem’s Story:

From the desk of CPAW NJ President Karen Shinevar –

“We travel to pawtner People for Animals in Hillside, Exit 143A off the Parkway at least four times a week, 8 am for dropoff and around 4 pm for pickup.

This particular morning a few weeks ago had been a long one already. I saw a small black kitten darting out from under a car and then back under. My heart froze in my chest. What to do? No place to park…late for the next meeting….

But of course, I stopped and parked with the flashers on and laid down on the pavement looking under the cars parked along this very busy street for the little kitten before it got smushed.

I went across the street to an auto shop and a wonderful young man came to help me. Fearless, this man laid down in the street and reached way up under a car to grab the kitten. I stood in front of him in the street with my arms out so he wouldn’t get run over.

After a tense 30 seconds, the young man handed me the kitten and it was so small! I asked him if he wanted a kitten, but he told me that he knew I would take better care of it. But I had no container — so the young man gave me a large box. I put the kitten in the box, leaving handle holes open for air. Then, I took off for home.

The universe was with this baby….my home vet was coming that morning and examined her. Other than being a bit dehydrated, she was a purrfect 1.2 lbs.


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