CPAW NJ March 2018 News

NJ Cat Rescue

YOUR donations and support made the difference
in February and March….

In February, 11 cats were spayed/neutered/vaccinated! Grateful for cat advocates and experienced trappers Eileen DiNicola, Amber Mattocks, Magdalena Cook, Kathy Yates and Joy Haze. Special kudos to Dorene Harvey for all of her recovery and foster care! And thanks to Gail, a new Montclair volunteer who came to learn about trapping on the first day of the multi-day Bloomfield colony trapping!

At March 5 Spay Day, we had 20 cats at the PFA van at the Acme Market parking lot in Upper Montclair. The stats demonstrate why we do what we do:

  • Out of the 20 cats, one female was already spayed (but not eartipped). This cat was released Tuesday morning.
  • Of the remaining 19 cats, only 2 were male!

People For Animals said this was abnormally high for females; we were helping them by trapping a Bloomfield colony of cats on the Montclair border, fed lovingly but needing to be fixed. The feeder/homeowner (and his neighbors both in Montclair and Bloomfield!) are so grateful that the population of this colony is now under control.


Earlier in February: On Feb 11 we had a successful Cat Behavior 101 training at the Pet Valu in Bloomfield with our pawtner PAWS….make sure to visit PetValu again on March 25 for another great talk on kitten care. Pawtnering with PAWS and PFA to make this worth the trip!

COLLABORATION and ADVOCACY: Beginning an Essex County Coalition with another pawtner, SOMA for Animals and Best Friends. WANT TO JOIN? Let us know and we will get you information about our next meeting scheduled for April 22. #ittakesavillage

ONGOING EDUCATION: Karen attended a TNVR Training at St. Hubert’s on February 28 and learned about how to advocate for outdoor cats and strides that are being made around the state. Jane Guillaume, PFA Executive Director, shared invaluable information and advice regarding what’s going on around the state….email us if you would be interested in getting Karen’s notes.

CPAW NJ Report Card as of February 28, 2018

  • Since April 1, 2017
  • 172 spay/neuter
  • 16,693 meals provided

Volunteer spotlight of the month
Ruth Shiever

So many folks to highlight, but this month we say MEOWY thanks to Ruth Shiever. She began volunteering in 2017 by working at our outreach events and spreading the word about tnvr. She transports cats, collects canned cat food from her poker group every week, and is a wonderful seamstress. Look at the banner she has made us! Her husband, John, is often along for the ride and has been a photographer for us at events. Meowy thanks, Ruth!


Cat spotlight of the month

Rescued Boo is the perfect companion for you AND your cat! At six months old she’s super playful and always looking to snuggle with friends. Purrfect for the whole family. Email us at to meet Boo.


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