CPAW NJ July 2018 News

We decided to give everyone a day for loved ones and will not be marching in the July 4th parade as CPAW NJ…it’s been a long spring and volunteers will be spending needed time with families. Happy 4th of July, however, you spend it!

Lessons from the Field….it was the best of times, and the worst of times…a message from Karen

  • Where there are 2 cats, there are usually a few more…
  • Many many people are surprised (and glad) to learn that if a cat’s ear is tipped, it’s been fixed!
  • Six month old kittens can have litters of their own – and they do!
  • MANY people rescue cats off the street but still need the opportunity for low cost spay/neuter.
  • TNVR works, but the more you do, the more kittens you find……AND
  • That cute bundle of love you adopt is very lucky to have you and to have a life indoors!


Adopt, don’t shop! …clear the decks for more TNVR!

We know now that TNVR works and that there should be an even greater sense of urgency to spay/neuter as many cats as possible before winter sets in again.
Yet now our time and energies have been diverted by these little fluffy bundles of love….over 40! Kittens are available to loving homes, and over 30 were transferred to wonderful pawtners for adoption.


JUNE Community Activities
In JUNE we met so many new people and spread the word about helping cats far and wide.

June 2 Bloomfield PetValu adoption event where we showed off beautiful, love bug Sunny… she’s still available!

June 9 Pine Street Fair….what a fun time we had, right next to Music Montclair. Face painting, making new friends, and spreading the word about how to help outdoor cats. Thanks again to Mary! For inviting CPAW NJ to participate.

June 11 Community Spay Day…another success with 24 cats spayed/neutered! Had some return “customers” as folks who have learned to trap are borrowing traps again to finish fixing their own backyard beauties. Many thanks to our pawtners Acme Market and People for Animals.

June 23 Farmer’s Market…Brought old friends back together…Gemma and her friend Vega, who helped us make cat castles! (Karen’s cats were the lucky recipient of this one and now there’s always someone at home in the castle!)

June 24 Kitten Shower/Adoption Day….was a fun day where we showcased some of our cutest kittens. Fiona found a forever home and two other applications are in progress.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped and to our pawtner Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital for hosting the event. It was a purrfect day for all.

CPAW NJ Report Card as of June 30, 2018

Since April 1, 2017

  • 337 spay/neuter
  • 32,451 meals provided

Volunteer of the month

Gemma …. Who has been an avid supporter of cats since she could walk and talk and was at our very first event and this month built cat castles for us! Gemma, your support for our mission warms our heart!


Please consider sharing a bit of your heart with us so we can save more lives!
Email us at to find out more about how to volunteer.