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Real Caregivers of New Jersey: Andrea from Bloomfield

Andrea from Bloomfield


Were you always a cat lover?

Yes, I’ve always been an animal lover in general. I used to be more loyal to dogs and I even owned my own dog sitting business!

After adopting my cat Rosie and taking care of Leo and Lola (my colony) I learned so much about cats and now I just can’t imagine my life without them!


Tell us about your cats!

Leo and Lola are brother and sister and are about a year and a half, they are the sweetest little fur balls (except for when they’re out hunting).





What are the best and worst parts of taking care of your crew?

The best part about taking care of them is seeing how much progress they make every day. They become more appreciative and learn to love you in their own special way. Lola used to be impossible to pet and now we hold her like a baby! The worst part of taking care of them is that I do worry about them constantly and wish I can keep them safe at all times.



How did you become a colony caregiver?

About a year and a half ago two kittens ( about 4 months old) appeared in our yard. They were initially both very skittish. We would feed them every day and eventually they began to trust us. We noticed Lola our female was getting chubby and we were worried she was pregnant.

Thankfully I was connected with Karen and helped us with trapping. Within two days they were spayed, neutered, vaccinated and returned to us. It just turned out that Lola was not pregnant we were just feeding her too much!

They now have their own insulated and safe cat oasis in our garage and are clearly welcome over any time!


How do your neighbors feel about your colony ?

Our neighbors love Leo and Lola! They also feed them from time to time. We are so grateful to have neighbors that care about our kitties!




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