CPAW NJ’s 12 Spays of Christmas: A Trapping Fairy “Tail”

A Trapping Fairy “Tail”

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful silver tabby who hit the jackpot.

This resident had his heart broken caring for community cats before. When cats began appearing in his yard again, he reluctantly began to feed them.  He didn’t want to become attached. He asked CPAW NJ for help trapping them and getting them neutered to stop the cycle.

Trapping volunteer Jen immediately saw his love encompassed all of the animals in his yard, from the cats to the birds and everyone in between. She brought him set up the traps and gave him a tutorial.

Check, check, check, check. Mom and three of her teenage kittens were trapped. “He’s like Snow White!” Jen texted the team. “It was amazing to watch.” In just a few minutes, the location was complete!

Surgery went smoothly for all 4 cats. The male kitten received convenia, a long-lasting shot of antibiotics, for a mild Upper Respiratory Infection. Standard stuff.

A few days later, the cats were ready to be picked up. Recovery volunteer Amanda made the rounds, giving everyone their last breakfast before their release. She cleaned Mom Cat’s trap and walked away for a moment to gather more supplies. When she returned seconds later, there was blood on the floor. Mom Cat had a hearty appetite and was otherwise acting normally, but such a large pool of blood suddenly appearing was alarming. Mom Cat was rushed to People for Animals. Their compassionate staff quickly assessed her and treated her with antibiotics. Mom Cat had a Urinary Tract Infection. Left untreated, UTIs can be life threatening in cats.

Mom Cat stayed with CPAW NJ for another week for monitoring. She recovered wonderfully and was released back to her loving caregiver. CPAW NJ volunteer Kylie hooked the crew up with a beautiful shelter that was donated by another caregiver. (Thanks, Irene!)

Please donate $12 today so that we can continue spaying cats like Mom Cat and help prevent kittens from being born outside.

Special thanks to Chelsy (pictured below), Monica and the entire team at PFA for taking such good care of Mom Cat and all of our cats.