CPAW NJ May 2018 News

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Kitten season is in full swing. We feel an increased sense of urgency to save lives through TNVR. We had our fourth! Community Spay Day at the Acme Markets in Montclair when 24 cats and 1 dog! were cared for and operated on by the medical experts at People for Animals.

Just do the math to imagine how many lives saved: since kittens can become pregnant at 4 months, the gestation period is 62 days….and cats can have 2-3 litters per year.


CPAW NJ April 2018 in pictures

CPAW NJ Report Card as of April 2018

Since April 1, 2017

  • 250 spay/neuter
  • 23,803 meals provided

In Memory

We were very saddened at the peaceful passing of 19-year-old Serendipity (Seri for short) a short time ago. She was LOVED by her housemates and her Dad, Steve Stefanski, a retired veterinarian and dedicated volunteer for PAWS, A Purrfect World, and CPAW NJ. As her housemate, Sparky, said so eloquently: “She put up a good fight against her cancer. We’ll all be together again at the Rainbow bridge.” What a beautiful girl – very small Maine coon – Serendipity was. And thanks also to Katz & Dogs Animal Hospital, who made a generous donation in this little girl’s honor. “Please accept this donation in honor of Siri Stefanski. I hope that CPAW can use this donation to help other cats lead as good a life as Siri had.” Dr. Nancy Katz.


Volunteer spotlight of the month

Dorene Harvey

Since last October, Dorene has gone above and beyond to touch and save the lives of over 100 cats. She opened her home (and garages!) and fostered cats and kittens, ran a recovery center, transported cats to and from the vet, cleaned litter boxes, hugged cats, cried over lost lives, and in general gave her heart to our spay/neuter and foster operations. Here she is on May 5 with the wonderful adopter of Stallone, a six and a half-year-old cat she nursed back to health over a period of four months. Happy tails! Meowy thanks, Dorene!

Please consider sharing a bit of your heart with us so we can save more lives!
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