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Year-end Meowy Thank YOU 

For Being Part of the Lifesaving Solution of

Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return! 


Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ has as its first word:


CPAW NJ’s Strategies to Promote Animal Welfare include:




With your help, we executed a conscious strategy to connect people community by community, pawtner with other animal welfare organizations, and lay a path for people to ask for and receive help for outdoor cats.


How did we do?  Would love to hear from you – tell us on FB or send us an email at  We know we can do better, but have deep gratitude for how the seeds we have sown have taken root.


Spayed/neutered:  40

Kittens Adopted: 5

Cats/Kittens Transferred to Rescue Pawtners: 26

CPAW NJ Report Card as of November 30, 2018

Since April 1, 2017


  • 569 spay/neuter
  • 55,455 meals provided

This year why not give the gift of LIFE?  For a donation $100 or more you can put a lifesaving gift in someone’s stocking that will save lives for years to come.  Click the link above and donate over $100 and then email us at and we’ll get the details we need to send you your individualized gift.


As 2018 comes to a close, we are ever so grateful for all of the connections we have made this year.  Here’s just a sample of the connections we made this year…..

Trapper Sassy at The Cat Rescuers Documentary with our very own Amber Mattocks and Eileen Denicola

Specialty veterinarians from Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners, Paramus with
CPAW Board members Karen Shinevar and Marie Christine Lochot

Madison and Nellie and Nibbles in their new outdoor home!

Capt Jack Miracle at the Blessing of the Pets with Rev. Melissa Hall, St. James Episcopal Church, Montclair

Celebrating Babe! (the cat, not the pig….)

A Community Cat at Work

This month, CPAW NJ recognizes the saving gift to community cats that are welcomed and cared for in local businesses.  Richfield Farms and Garden Center in Clifton, NJ, is an outstanding example of a business that has adopted animals in need of homes and currently draws customers in with its star feline staffer, Babe, a very handsome and outgoing black and white guy who accepts his due adulation in the store and roams the 1+ acre grounds at his will.  Part of Babe’s attraction, beyond his friendliness, is his unusual tail:  It is all-black and ends in what looks like a flower, created by a split that enables him to wave two sections of his tail independently.  It is a mystery how this came about – possibly a birth accident – but to Babe, it is one of his natural attractions.

About six years ago, a Richfield Farms customer who had a pregnant cat asked whether the family-owned business would be willing to take in the expected kittens.  The business agreed and two young cats joined the staff, Babe and his less social brother Bandit, who retreats this time of year to the office printer in a sunny window.  The farm and garden center provides heated shelter, food, water, and veterinary care – including neutering – and lots of love.  The family also cares for an Australian sheepdog.

While animal welfare organizations like CPAW NJ tend to focus on adoptions of kittens born to community cats and returns to community care situations for adult cats trapped and neutered, the example of the generous owners of Richfield Family Farms and Garden Center – in its fifth generation – provides another avenue for lifesaving and loving homes for cats in need of caregivers. Babe is loved and beloved by the large family of Richfield Farms customers.
  • See your neighbors trapped in their own backyards…they are the heart and soul of the tnvr solution!
  • Regular education classes for caregivers
  • People for Animals Spay/Neuter Van is comin’ to town! In 2019
  • Shh…..a tnvr documentary in our hometown, Montclair!

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