A late April Fools from CPAW NJ!

NJ Cat Rescue


CPAW NJ turns two!

And the beat goes on….with the beginning of a six-week celebration of our first two years!

From now until May 18 we’ll be featuring stories of how CPAW NJ supports the community and saves outdoor cats.

We hope you especially enjoy seeing the tireless work of our own “cat rescuers” putting your donations and support into action!


Then… Join us on May 18 for a showing of The Cat Rescuers, a documentary which won the 2018 Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival.  Click HERE to register! shhh…. there will be special guests and free popcorn in bags designed by local Montclair volunteer Cecilia M.

NJ Cat rescue

Pregnant female cats seemed to be everywhere.  If you talk to anyone working with outdoor cats, they will tell you that kitten season is ALL YEAR LONG.

Those needing help is greater than ever … so our focus has been on promoting our monthly spay/neuter van initiative and building our volunteer base so that we can do more trapping.  Resources are key:  outdoor cat caregivers getting cats on a regular feeding schedule so food can be withheld for trapping, trappers, transporters, spaces at low-cost clinics or vets for the spay/neuter, recovery space and volunteer time, and transport for release.

TRANSFERS TO RESCUE:  Through rescue pawtner we transferred 36 kittens and cats to be adopted and live inside.

This also included ten cats from a hoarding situation which Amber and other rescue pawtners and volunteers helped with…

again, the need is never ending!  Please spay and neuter your cats…can’t say it enough times!

Meowy thanks to all who helped these cats along the way and to Amber and Kylie for the final transports to our Connecticut pawtner. Every cat fostered represents hundreds of hours of care to be ready to find its furrever home.  Foster families rock!

SPAY/NEUTER:  15 companion animals (or kittens rescued) were spayed/neutered this month, along with 25 cats released through Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return (TNVR).

The monthly spay van at pawtner Acme Markets on Valley Road, Upper Montclair, was a resounding success!  20 cats now have shots and will longer, healthier lives.  Look at this cutie!

Caregiver Shelly worked for weeks to trap a new outdoor male cat who was causing trouble with her existing colony.  Such dedication….first trying to feed in the small trap and when that didn’t work, learning about the drop trap.

nj cat rescue

New volunteer Barbie helped with trapping of Malcolm, above. It took two different traps and many tries but finally with a drop trap we got Malcolm. Executing the drop trap is tricky….and Barbie had the important job of pulling the trap string to bring the trap down when he was fully inside. After the trap comes down someone immediately covers it with a blanket and holds the trap down while someone else aligns the transfer trap with the drop trap door. Malcolm finally went from the drop trap to the transfer trap and voila, he was on his way! Malcolm is now back in his outdoor home, neutered and vaccinated. Paws crossed outdoor life there is more harmonious.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Yvette Wade, met her while working one night in February. She noticed Nevaeh and 3 other cats had made their home under steps at an apartment complex. Immediately she pulled out cans of cat food and began feeding. (What else would a CPAW NJ volunteer do? Lol.)  She noticed Nevaeh would sniff to find the food instead of just going straight to it. Nevaeh couldn’t see well and it was clear she had serious eye infections. After trying to get Nevaeh for weeks, Yvette along with a local resident finally trapped her on March 28th.

Thanks to pawtner Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners for making sure she had no immediate, life-threatening injuries….the next day we took her to Dr. Silver at Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital.  Her list of problems, typical of kittens who even survive outside, include an eye that has to be removed when she becomes stable, eye infections, mites, ringworm, worms, …. she’s an adorable little mess with a purry, beautiful spirit!

So Yvette is learning about ringworm protocol and dipping and will be telling her story as she goes through lots and lots of treatment.  She’s getting her second Lyme dip tomorrow and hopefully her first set of shots on Thursday.

Neveah (“heaven” spelled backward) will require a lot of love and medical support to give her a fighting chance.  She is a loving, beautiful creature.  She is such a sweet kitten and with YOUR help she will hopefully make a full recovery. It’ll be a long road.

Yet for all of the Neveahs who don’t survive or who aren’t lucky enough to be rescued and continue to suffer outside, she reminds us of why we do what we do. Follow Nevaeh’s story here.





Volunteer Paw-ductivity

11 am – 12:30 pm

Join us for an important, action-packed volunteer workshop. We will be making posters, creating memes, creating Cat Rescuers Documentary promo materials, info packets, and more! Light refreshments will be served. This is a great opportunity to roll up your sleeves and meet other volunteers.  RSVP required to yvettecpawnj@gmail.com

(PS  Meet Captain Jack, too!)

Volunteer AvoCAT Workshop

April 28, 12 pm – 3 pm

Mundo Vegan
20 Church St., Montclair

Learn to Speak Cat: Cat Behavior 101

April 28, 5 pm

Taught by CPAW NJ President Karen Shinevar

Brookdale Pet Center

1054 Broad St, Bloomfield

Please pre-register at reg.bpc@gmail.com, space limited

Beat the Heat: Spay Day
April 30, 7 am – 3 pm
Acme Markets Parking Lot
510 Valley Road, Montclair

(Last Tuesday of every month thru November)

Walnut Street Fair

May 4

Walnut Street, Montclair

From Forest Street to the train station

The Cat Rescuers Screening
May 18, 4 pm – 6 pm
Montclair Public Library (Thanks MPL!)
50 S. Fullerton Ave., Montclair

Reserve your seat for the screening by clicking HERE

Watch the official trailer: http://catrescuersfilm.com/

Thanks to those who donated in March!  We are an all-volunteer organization that relies on your generous support.

If you’ve never donated before, how about a $5 a month donation?  That’s $60 a year and would spay/neuter one community cat! 

If you can make a bigger impact, how about a one-time donation of $100, which would allow us to help someone get their pet spayed when they can’t afford it themselves?

And if you want to help us create a voucher program for the monthly spay van, how about a $550 donation to help us defray the costs of 10 tnvr cats at one of the spay vans?  Many folks feed and can learn to trap but can’t afford the spay costs.

CPAW NJ Report Card as of March 31, 2019

Spayed/neutered (companion): 15 

Spayed/neutered (feral): 25

Medical Emergencies: 7

Adoptions: 2

Cats Transferred to Rescue Pawtners: 36

Since April 1, 2017

 772 spay/neuter

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