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 As of May 15, 2017



Cat Intakes to Date (spay/neuter)                                                          Total

Community cat                                                                                                             11


Cat Dispositions to Date                                                                                 Total

Returned to owner

Returned to field/TNVR   (lives saved!)                                                                 11

Adoptions/Foster                                                                                                          7

Surrender Prevented (animals never in our care/custody)                      Total

Assistance to owner (behavior advice, meals, other)                                          298   

Assistance to colony caregiver (training, food, medicine, tnvr)                        950

Note:  As a participant in Maddie's Fund Million Cat Challenge, we report these statistics in a way that a shelter would although our lifesaving statistics at this point are specifically in the Spay/Neuter of community cats (Return to Field Initiative) who have never touched the shelter.  In this way lives are saved by averting births to outdoor strays and ferals.  In addition, totals for intake and disposition may not match for various reasons; for examples, a community cat may be TNVRd and then adopted later.  Or a mother cat might be TNVRd but her very young kittens be sent to foster at a CPAW NJ partner and then that partner handles the spay/neuter and adoption.  These numbers are approximations and are likely understatements of all categories.  CPAW NJ is dedicated to diligence in tracking and reporting as transparency is key to education of and support from the public to reach the Maddie's Fund lifesaving goal.