Feeding a Stray?

Feeding a Stray?


About Us

Compassion with a Purrpose

We offer animal rescue services, educational services, and promoting awareness services to the public. Communities Promoting Animal Welfare NJ (CPAW NJ) are area residents dedicated to promoting a humane approach to animal welfare and protecting the human/animal bond by being the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Why form yet another animal welfare group?

Simply put, to prevent owner surrenders and reduce community cat population through trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR)!  

We will:

Build bridges and show compassion to people who just need a bit of help to keep their pet.

Share knowledge about basic cat behavior, helping owners who might be experiencing behavior problems with their pet.


Connect and collaborate with area groups and individuals to maximize limited resources and to lift each other up.

Support community cat caregivers with the necessary resources to care for their colonies and make sure they are fed, spay/neutered, and vaccinated.

Celebrate our successes along the way...four paws at a time!

What is our vision?

We want to change the world so that animals don’t need to be “rescued”.  

What’s so game changing about Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (TNVR)?

Because it is the only humane way to end pet overpopulation and promotes the welfare of animals and humans.

How are we going to accomplish our mission?

Compassion.  Collaboration.  Celebration.  

Making more space for love in the world.

  • Compassion:  towards all animals and humans, despite the circumstance.  What is your difficulty and how can I help you keep your pet?  Let's try and rehome your pet if you can no longer keep it without abandoning it outside or to a shelter cage? We practice compassion and practical solutions rather than judgment.
  • Collaboration:  we are stronger together by inviting all interested community members to participate.  
  • Celebration:  every small step and learning to see through the eyes of another, both human and pet, is something to be celebrated!  That’s the way we lift each other up and keep rejuvenated for the hard work that needs to be done.

I’m in.  How can I help?  Be a solution advocate!



Karen Shinevar

Founding Board Member, President

Karen Shinevar is a retired attorney who volunteered at the Montclair Township Animal Shelter for three years.  She lives in Montclair with her six cats and it is her dream come true to use her energies and knowledge to help people keep their pets.  Since moving to Montclair in 2011 she has worked with Montclair’s own Human Needs Food Pantry to collect pet food donations and make sure each week that HNFP clients have cat and/or dog food so that they can keep their pets.  Montclair is an incredibly generous community and she feels blessed to be able to be part of improving animal welfare throughout Montclair and the surrounding areas.

Marie-Christine Lochot

Founding Board Member, Treasurer

Marie-Christine Lochot has lived in Montclair for 27 years and has long had a passion for animals and community cats in particular.  Her “day job” is filled with compassion and healing for others as she is a licensed massage therapist and energy body worker, both for humans and for animals.  Her dream is to educate people about the true beautiful nature of community cats and use her skills to help heal animals and promote behavior modification.  She has trapping and colony care experience and has two beautiful rescue cats, Cannelle and Asia. Marie-Christine loves animals and hope that one day compassion will be extended to all animals whatever they are pets or wildlife.

Bernadette Sheridan


Bernadette is an artist and longtime resident of Bloomfield, N.J., where she lives with her husband and her two adopted kitties, Otis and Clementine.